Friday, March 18, 2011

Best dog in the world!

How much do you know about black labs? Maestro (the real one who lives at home with us) and Maestro, Laramie's best pal, are both nine years old. In fact, they're the same dog! Black labs are known for being very good with kids, friendly, eager to please, and full of energy. They also love to eat! Maestro sounds like a vacuum cleaner when she sniffs something she thinks might be yummy. Even when she's taking a walk, you can hear her vacuuming the path in front of her. Sometimes she even sounds like a helicopter!

Black labs have their health problems, though. They are prone to hip problems and allergies. Maestro has had a hip replacement and is allergic to many things. With exercise and watching what she eats, though, she has a full and happy life. Maestro is the best dog I could ever imagine!

See you along the Quest!

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