Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Laramie adventure is on the way!

Even superdogs like Maestro need a bath once in a while! And no, she doesn't have one bright green eye, but it sure looks that way, doesn't it?

Maestro's getting all cleaned up for her new adventure coming out on April 1, 2011! It's called Laramie and the Land of Liberty and it takes place in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Laramie, Prentiss, and Maestro are chased by bad men who think the boys have the money from the bank robbery back in Wyoming. Learn all about colonial days, back when the Revolutionary War was just getting ready to start, and find out how (and if) the boys and Maestro manage to escape from the bad guys who have chased them all the way across the country!

It's not easy being a dog when you have two boys to protect and bad guys chasing you all over the place. Ask your parents to download Laramie and the Land of Liberty to find out how Maestro helps to save the day!

See you on the Quest!

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