Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tiny visitor!

Maestro has a friend visiting her this week! Coco, a miniature chihuahua, is staying with us for a few days while her family visits some family members in Iowa.

Usually, Coco lives near Fairbanks, Alaska. She's a sweet little girl and weighs only about five pounds. She's little enough to put into my purse! Just to show you how small she is, I took a picture of her and Maestro together. Aren't they cute?

Maestro's not quite sure what to think of her, but I think they'll soon be best friends.
When you have a chance, ask your parents to be sure to download Maestro's latest adventure. It's called Laramie and the Land of Liberty, and it's all about the fun Laramie, Maestro, and Prentiss have in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. I promise you'll enjoy it! Tell your friends, too.

See you on the Quest!

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